Our Mission

Doral Health Connect is a population health platform, which is strategically positioned to coordinate and provide high quality, integrated care for our patients/members who are at risk for high health care costs and/or hospital admission.

Our team works collaboratively with health care providers to identify these individuals due to their challenging medical, mental health, and/or psychosocial needs.

Our services are delivered through professional assessments and promotion of quality and cost-effective interventions to ensure optimal client experience.

Our Vision

Doral is particularly focused on leveraging technology and interoperability in today’s health care landscape, so we can provide real time solutions, to the most vulnerable patients. Our sophisticated EHR system, built on proven algorithms, uses clinical artificial intelligence combined with clinical insights and predictive analytics to ensure the best outcomes. We identify care gaps and quality performance metrics, so that our team can achieve value-based performance goals.

Doral is committed to maintain and improve our patient’s health, enhance their care experience, and reduce health care costs.

Our Team

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Please get in touch if you have any questions about your health or well being.

Health Management Platform

Doral Health Management Platform - is an integrated population health management software platform, where Patients, Care Managers, Providers, and Physicians can collaborate more effectively for better patient care, a healthier patient lifestyle and lower health care costs.

The platform facilitates referral management, patient tracking, patient communication, clinical data management, identify care gaps, clinical and predictive analytics, so that our Ability To Impact (ATI) scores are successful.

Health Management

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